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Scientific publications

Scientific publications

"The impact of shale gas extraction on the socio-economic development of regions - an American success story and potential opportunities for Poland" Report 

Publisher: Kościuszko Institute 

Date of issue: 17.08.2012 

About publication: The report of the Kosciuszko Institute analyses not only the history but also the scale and type of social, economic, and energy benefits connected with the development of shale gas extraction in the USA and Canada, both in a regional and national aspect. The information was based on the most recent economic data and the results of sociological research concerning the way in which American society perceives the benefits related to the functioning of the shale sector. The analysis of the unconventional gas sector in the USA is, however, just a starting point for reaching more important conclusions. 

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Economic potential of shale gas production in Poland in the years 2012-2025. Scenario analysis Scenario analysis 

Publisher: Centre for Social and Economic Research - a Research Institution

Date of issue: 11 July 2012 

About the publication: The project had two main goals:
• to create three realistic scenarios for the development of shale gas production till 2025, together with defining the level of investment expenditures required in each scenario, • to examine the macroeconomic effects on the entire Polish economy of each scenario to develop the shale gas sector. 

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Problems with shale gas in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Romania. Political conditionings - legal status - prospects 

Publisher: Centre for Eastern Studies 

Date of issue: September 2012 

About the publication: Despite their initial interest in shale gas exploration, over the past year Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania have become increasingly sceptical about the development of unconventional gas resources. The aim of this report is to explore the reasons why countries which claim to want to improve their energy security have been showing increasing scepticism towards shale gas. 

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