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The matters of the impact on the natural environment of the activities connected with exploration and extraction of unconventional gas are usually analyzed with respect to the matters related to water, soil, atmosphere and their influence on the quality of life in areas where this activity takes place.


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Seismic activity

Seismic activity The areas where unconventional gas is extracted were noted to have increased seismic activity. These phenomena are usually micro shocks which do not exceed the amplitude of 3.0 on the Richter scale, which means that they are not felt by humans.

Influence on the quality of human life

Influence on the quality of human life The prospective sources of shale gas in Poland stretch from the Pomerania region to the Lublin area. These areas are usually scarcely populated which lowers the risk of adverse effects of gas exploitation on the quality of life.


Atmosphere The work conducted in the process of exploration and gas production from unconventional sources is connected with emission of impurities into the atmosphere. The increased traffic and the operating drilling equipment powered by diesel oil cause the fumes and dust to penetrate into the atmosphere which may in turn increase the content of sulphur dioxide, nitric dioxide, carbon oxide and benzene in air.

Landscape surface

Landscape surface The process of gas exploration, both from conventional and unconventional resources, requires the area to be properly set up in order to install the drilling equipment and other equipment used for this purpose.

Surface and ground waters

Surface and ground waters The impact of unconventional gas extraction on water resources is a topic which often occurs in discussions on environmental aspects of exploration and production of shale gas. It is related to the issues of polluting drinking water with natural gas, competition in the availability of water resource and the hazards connected with the use of the fracturing liquid in the process of hydraulic fracturing.

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