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2015-01-15 23:14
The following catalogue presents scientific institutions in Poland which in their works were and are involved in numerous aspects of exploration and extraction

2015-01-06 14:20
Acts and other secondary legislations regarding exploration and extraction of shale gas.

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2015-01-06 14:04
List of acts of law concerning exploration, identification and extraction of shale gas

Otagowana: prawo, gaz łupkowy, Unia Europejska

2015-01-05 20:10
The extraction tax system in the US incorporates federal and state taxes.

Otagowana: prawo, podatki, USA, Ameryka

2015-01-05 20:09
Companies in Russia engaged in oil and gas extraction are subject to several types of fees.

Otagowana: prawo, podatki, Rosja, Europa

2015-01-05 20:04
The extraction companies in Canada pay several kinds of taxes.

Otagowana: prawo, podatki, Kanada, Ameryka

2015-01-05 20:05
The Netherlands system of taxing carbon oxide extraction is composed of several elements.

Otagowana: Holandia, podatki, prawo, Europa

2015-01-05 20:06
Taxing oil and gas extraction in Denmark depends on when the entity has been granted permission to conduct work.

Otagowana: Dania, podatki, prawo, Europa

2015-01-05 20:03
Norway taxes the company's income from the extraction of carbon oxides.

Otagowana: Norwegia, podatki, prawo, Europa

2015-01-06 17:14
Natural resources are spread all around the world in different amounts; the rights of their ownership belong to numerous countries. Each of these countries, mak

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