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2015-01-06 17:14
Natural resources are spread all around the world in different amounts; the rights of their ownership belong to numerous countries. Each of these countries, mak

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2014-12-28 13:48
natural gas - it contains methane (75 - 95%) and nitrogen as well as ethane, propane, helium, oxygen and carbon monoxide. It is odourless. Unconventional

2015-01-06 14:04
on the Functioning of the European Union J C 115, 9.5.2008, p. 47, 2.     Directive 2008/50/EC of the European

2015-01-02 11:34
European Union studies on topics connected with shale gas extraction.

2014-12-28 13:41
the facing pipes, potassium chloride supporting the bore wall stability or isopropanol which reduces surface tension of the fracturing liquid. Controversies around

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