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The Netherlands system of taxing carbon oxide extraction is composed of several elements.

The tax system of carbon oxides extraction includes:

  • the CIT tax: its base value is 25 percent, only the first 200 000 EUR is subject to 20 percent tax.
  • Netherlands is subject to profit percentage from selling oil or gas extracted inland; calculated from the amount of units of a given resource multiplied by their selling price agreed by a given party; in the case of small production the country is not subject to any profit percentage, however, as the amount of extracted resource gets bigger the profit percentage will rise to 7 percent in the case of production amounting to 8000 units of a given natural resource.
  • the fee for owned extraction area: for every square metre where the oil or natural gas deposits are located, the owner of the concession pays nearly 700 EUR,
  • in addition, the national share in the profits of a given entity from oil and gas extraction is 50 percent.

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